Sun shines on this sector

Vermont solar array

Vermont solar array

Each week in my newsletter I publish lists of “hot” mutual funds and exchange-traded funds based on certain performance metrics. A fund’s place high in the ranking simply means that it’s displaying stronger price momentum characteristics than ones appearing lower on the list. Typically, you’ll notice a correlation between rank and volatility, that is, funds and ETFs aiming for daily returns tied to a multiple of an underlying index often fall at the extreme upper and lower ends of the lists. Case in point: at the moment Direxion Daily China Bull 3x Shares (YINN) – an ETF which seeks to return 300% of the performance of the BNY Mellon China Select ADR Index and has more than doubled in value since mid-June – is #1 in relative strength out of the nearly 1,400 ETFs that I track each day. YINN also happens to be trading 87% below its 2011 high. This triple beta fund is a good example of an ETF that can top my list for several weeks or months, then disappear. I like to look for staying power and I’ve found that in the solar sector.

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Since last November, thanks to rising demand for renewable energy solutions, Guggenheim Solar (TAN) and Market Vectors Solar Energy (KWT) have consistently maintained a presence among the top 1% of all ETFs that I monitor. Year-to-date through September 30th TAN and KWT are up 120.7% and 80.7%, respectively. Today the public learned that the single largest holding in both solar ETFs, a Chinese company called Hanergy Solar Group Ltd., will manufacture the solar panels soon be sold directly to the public at IKEA retail stores in Britain. A word of caution: TAN and KWT are relatively small, thinly traded ETFs with large spreads.

♦ Please note that my readings will change without notice,  so please don’t buy or sell solely based on anything you read in this blog. 


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